Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Fun!

Last week was spring break and I decided I should set flowers aside for a few days and spend some time with my sweet family! My husband and I took our girls to Silver Dollar City in Branson for a few days. Coincidentally, one of my sisters and her family and my parents went too, so we were also able to spend some time with them! Although I love roller coasters, my girls are not convinced that they are fun (yet!). My 3 year old, Marin, clutched me the whole time while riding "Fire in the Hole" (a pretty mild ride for a roller coaster if you've ever been on it - it's not even really a coaster!). She was pretty much terrified during that entire ride and definitely did NOT want to ride it again! I guess it's a good thing I didn't make her ride the "Wildfire" ride which goes upside down (just kidding - I would never make her do that!). Although I did tell her it was Mommy's favorite ride. When I asked Marin what her favorite part of Silver Dollar City was, she said it was the slow rides. I guess we'll be spending time in kiddie land for a few more years. Riding tiny rides: one of the joys of parenthood! When I asked my 6 year old, Rachel, what her favorite part of SDC was, she said Dippin' Dots. I thought, "Geez! I could have saved a few hundred bucks and bought her some of those at the mall!" Reminds me of the kid who gets the big present but just wants to play with the box. Oh well, we had fun anyway!!

These few days away got me thinking about how much fun I had with my girls on our last family vacation. We went to Destin, FL. Here are a few pictures from our trips. One is from last 4th of July on the beach. I am usually taking the photos so I'm not in very many of them! It's great to get away and remember what is really important in life - our family!

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