Monday, April 1, 2013

Love Under an Umbrella


Ivan + Elise

Florals:  The Bridal Garden (
Venue:  Dresser Mansion
Photographer:  Alyssa Collins Photography (
Cake:  Anne Keller Cakes

 Do you remember your mom saying, "A little rain never hurt anyone?"  That's just the attitude that Ivan and Elise took when it came to their wedding day at Dresser Mansion on March 9th.  Although there was a chance of rain forecast, we were all keeping our fingers crossed that it would pass us by.  The groom really wanted an outside wedding - and ladies, we know it's not all about what we want!  And, if you've ever been to the Dresser Mansion, you know they have a beautiful outdoor setting.  So I waited while the bride and groom text back and forth trying to decide what to do.  After much debate, the groom won!

As I began to decorate the arch, it started to sprinkle.  It's a good thing I happen to have a Bridal Garden rain jacket - I don't need it very often but it's nice to have!  Lucky for the bride and groom, the weather held just long enough.  Despite a few sprinkles, they were married outside, under a lighted arch adorned with hydrangea, pale pink roses, and greenery.  The wedding was simply gorgeous.  And with all the love flowing, no one minded a few raindrops.

Congratulations, Ivan and Elise!  May you happily weather together any rainstorm that life sends your way!

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